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This Hassle-Free Affiliate Marketing beginning blog was just a starter, to see if this blogging thing would be for me.

The Business Card
Well, I’ve found that this IS for me…you need to visit!  I’ve been blogging there consistently for over 6 months, with at least 190 posts – lots of good stuff for the motorsports enthusiast!  Check it out…

It’s all about my blog’s tagline:

“Go from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!”

Visit, enjoy, spread the word – thanks!


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Yaro Starak Blogging Expert

Below are notes I just took from an awesome Teleseminar just attend by phone.
The text will explain…

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Blogging Expert – Yaro Starak
Free Teleseminar Notes

By Anik Singal, in partnership with Rosalind Gardner

Through out the call, many references are made to Yaros website:

How To Start Out Your Blog


 Recommends for starting out, using – drives a lot of traffic, if they get a lot of thumbs, send lots of visitors., to get 10-30% to stick as return visitors.


“Affiliate Marketing is not a sprint, but an ongoing marathon.”


Best source of traffic – a referral from a similar, top blogger, when they write about your blog.


Getting bigger blogs to link w/you, is key, but you must make friends first.  Write a post about what another blogger posts, in your arena (trackback to other blog’s URL to the referred article).  Agree, disagree, and/or develop the same or another line of discussion.  Then follow up with an e-mail. – older blogging network, check out…


Post solid comments, paragraphs, not one-liners – you’ll get a better following.


How To Drive Traffic / Is It Worth Paying For Traffic?


No PPC, Ad Sense, maybe banner ads later.  Open X – banner management system (he uses/developed?), direct sells to sponsors, click on link on his blog.  People come to him to ask to buy a banner.  For me, once established, ask a business if they want to book a banner on your blog.


Once you have an “authority site” (good, strong faithful following), and cross links w/ another site & within your own, Google will probably not dislike (“slap”) a blog off. 


Why a blog vs. a “big site”?  Blogs now more popular, more organic, personal, not composed of corporate text.  Also, the way the blogs are meant to link with each other, comments, etc.  It is easy to write, an already made content management system (CMS), It is made for people reading about other people.


What Are The Best Tools For Traffic In The Beginning?


Tweak with “SEO plug-ins”.  The organic content is appreciated by search engines.  Need to simply be a daily, prolific writer.  Put the orange button above the fold. – RSS subscription – now coordinates w/ the system.  Incentivise people with an eBook or similar, to join your RSS feed (like he does).


“Subscribe to post” plug-in


Where to get to inspiration to get daily content?


Don’t be a couch potato, do, be, live a life, be interested in your topic, learn from others’ content.  Become and expert in it.  Take content from books & magazines to paraphrase to write content.  Write how-to’s, list, definition posts, articles – re: common terms to link out to, but don’t link away from your site – if it is a common term in your arena, define it in your blog, to link it back to within your blog, now & in the future.  Keeps your audience there…


What about the myth that bloggers don’t make $ with a blog…


Yaro blogs to get his list, he list to e-mail to make money with a variey of offers, monetization – make good traffic & content, offer up products and affiliate marketing, his own products and marketing.  Recursive affiliate programs – like aweber (


Make the opt-in prominent, don’t hide it, keep it “above the fold”.


Leaving audio quotes – $4/month


MyBlogLog – shows people you are not alone be have little “tiles” of visitors.



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This was a wonderful, inspiring, hour long interview with many good ideas.  I’d suggest signing onto Yaro’s site and subscibing to one of his worthwhile incentives…like I did!



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I Commited You a Dis-service, Dear Reader!

After a day’s worth of consideration during my day j.o.b., I felt I needed to clarify some information I started to provide you in yesterday’s First Posting.  I was inspired to get directly into the “blogosphere” by purchasing and voraciously reading Rosalind Gardner’s ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’ eBook.  I did not fulfill an obligation to you, my dear reader.  That of full disclosure.

You may ask, “What is he ranting about, on only his second blog entry?”  Well, I’m glad you asked!  Some of you may be curious to know more about this eBook about affiflate marketing.  So, I defer to Rosalind’s own text & clip art:

SuperAffiliateHandbookRead the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earned $436,797+ in 2002 and now earns MUCH MORE than that … just by selling other people’s stuff online!

In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the ‘Net.

Frequently revised and updated to reflect industry changes, the Super Affiliate Handbook now consists of 236 pages and 124 screenshots that will show you step-by-step how to become a Super Affiliate. You’ll learn how to pick the best affiliate programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting.

To learn exactly how she does it, Click Here.

Back to the blog.  My wish for you is that you take advantage and read what Rosalind has to explain and offer.  I know it will change my life as I move forward with implementation of my own affiliate marketing program.  I hope the same for you!

Until my next post (go ahead, satify your curiosity, click on that link up there) :-),

“Getting your business on the ‘Net, hassle-free!”

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My First Posting

They say the water’s fine so here goes – I’m into my first blog.

I had never intended to do any sort of blogging, although I was intrigued.  I originally thought, “Why would I be doing this?  My thoughts are my own…”

Well, in looking for a way to increase my family’s cash flow (more in than out), I came across the concept of affiliate marketing.  It took me a few weeks of surfing around to see whose program I would trust enough to buy into.  I finally went ahead and bought Rosalind Gardner’s eBook ‘Super Affiliate Handbook’.

That was almost a month ago.  I am still researching the market niche I want to pursue, to work a market that I can enjoy working in, as well as profit from.  This is the most important step in the whole process of getting going.  Without a strong, keyword researched foundation the business will not succeed.  I intend for mine to suceed, in the long haul.  For more about Affiliate Marketing from Rosalind herself, visit her site at  You can also review her blog & forum, and so on, as well.

So, why blog?  In simple terms, consider this another method of exposure on the website to drive traffic to one’s website and to please a search engine’s spider’s “appetite”

I currently have a website presence at  That is why my blog title is about “Hassle-Free Website Design” – that’s what I have done.  I have pleased a number of good clients.  This is a side business that is in a current state of lull for now.  Since I am actively pursuing the research, etc., for my affiliate marketing business, this is what consumes what spare time I have to devote to it.

As ideas and actual solid content becomes available, you can here about it here, first!

Thanks & see you on the Web,

“Getting your business on the ‘Net, hassle-free!”

P.S. – I guess that wasn’t so bad.  🙂